Rooftop Tower Technician

NORTH EAST & SOUTH EAST,   : 9/13/2018

Job Description

Job ID#: 8921
Job Category: Telecommunication
Position Type: Contract-In Mrkt
Duration: Ongoing

Rooftop Tower Technician
1. Request the working plan from the team leader. Define activities to be carried out.
2. Unpack material. Verification that it is in good condition.
3. Report to the leader in which conditions the material is received. Reduce the responsibilities of the company for any damage that is present in the equipment supplied.
4. Arming equipment before assembly. Facilitate for the tower installer the installation in the tower.
5. Verify that your PPE is in optimal conditions for work to be done in a tower. Avoid having any mishap and ensure the safety of the installer.
6. Report status of personal protective equipment. Guarantee the safety of the personnel.
7. Elevate all equipment for tower work. Guarantee that the equipment is optimal.
8. Request tools from the leader for tower work. Endorse that work is being done with the right tool.
9. Start the elevation of the equipment together with the leader. Guarantee that the equipment does not suffer any damage at the elevation.
10. Fixing equipment. Ensure that they are subject to the client's requirement.
11. Replace equipment in case it is required. Guarantee that the equipment does not suffer any damage at the elevation.
12. Perform trajectory of feeders and cables. To guarantee that there is no crossing that exposes or affects the aesthetics of the installation.
13. Carry out clamping. Guarantee allocation and fixation of cables.
14. Perform power cabling trajectory and FO. Guarantee allocation and fixation of cables.
15. Connect equipment to earth bar. Ensure that the equipment is protected against electrical discharges.
16. Connector insulation. Guarantee the protection of the equipment against climatic factors that may occur.
17. Ask the leaders to switch on the breakers to the equipment. Ensure connection of the RRU.
18. Make a photo report. Guarantee that the installation is in optimal conditions.
19. Cleaning on platform. Ensure that there is no mishap with the remaining material.
20. Delivery of surplus material to the client's site supervisor. For possible corrections.

Job Requirements


  • Guarantee the work to be done in towers or sites according to the needs of the installation.
  • Plan work to be done
  • Verify the installation requirements through manuals
  • Management of PPE according to the established regulations
  • Support the leader in additional activities
Tower Climbing Certifications
OSHA Certifications
CPR/First Aid
Our clients have requested that all applicants have a clear criminal security clearance to be considered for the position, therefore we would be sending all interviewed applicants for a Security Clearance and Drug & Alcohol testing. Candidates will need to provide us with a drivers abstract and produce a valid driver’s license. We would like to thank you for your interest at working with Commerx however, only those applicants who qualify under our current requirements will be considered for this position.