Telecom Tech 1 Central Office (Jasper Place)

EDMONTON, AB  : 10/8/2021

Job Description

Job ID#: 21163
Job Category: Telecommuncations
Position Type: Employee-In Mrkt
Duration: 1.5 months

Central Office Technician I / Senior Jumper Runner
This is the senior level position running jumpers on the Main Distribution Frame in the Central Office.

Job Requirements



*    Self-starter

*    Possess a clear understanding of MDF (Main Distributing Frame) and best practices.

*    Must have experience running jumpers on a Main Distribution Frame in a telecom Central office

*    Monitor Quality and perform Service Interrupting tasks with 100% accuracy.

*    Requires data entry

*    Mentor and monitor Field Technician 2 partner.

*    Assist Site Team Lead with training.

*    Be able to interface with customer when required.

*    Ability to handle various aspects of job which include working at heights, working off of ladders, lifting and carrying up to fifty pounds, running and mounting of hardware/cabling, and  able to read 11 point font.

*    Confident with using power tools such as drills

*    Strong teamwork and communication skills.

*    must be double vaccinated or willing to submit to twice weekly antigen tests