Tower Foreman

Tower Foreman

SAN JUAN,   : 2/10/2021

Job Description

Job ID#: 14493
Job Category: Tower Foreman
Position Type: Employee-In Mrkt
Duration: ongoing

Tower Foreman/Crew Lead
1. Reception of new assignment. Be familiar with the site to be worked on.
2. Verify information about new installation assignments. To get information in what state, city is the new assignment.
3. Reception of assigned site. Review the conditions of the site to work on
4. On site verify engineering provided by the coordinator that everything necessary to start the installation is available. Verify that you have everything you need to start the installation and there are no deviations or missing material from the customer or Commerx. In case of having missing material, report it immediately to the coordinator after receiving the material
5. Report deviations to your coordinator. To determine if it is convenient to start the installation of the site with deviations.
6. Wait for indication of start of installation by the coordinator. Start of site installation
7. Perform preliminary risk analysis on site. Have a clear vision of the different risks that would occur in each particular site
8. Verify the correct use of PPE of your work team. Avoid unnecessary risks in the installation process at heights
9. Verify that technicians A and / or B adhere to the different quality standards of the client. Avoid deviations and extra costs for corrections derived from poor installation quality.
10. Make inventory of equipment provided by the customer to be installed. Control of material and report of missing of the same in case of existing.
11. Assign tasks to perform to your work team. Have a high percentage of progress of the activities to be carried out
12. Verify that the activities carried out by each technician are correct. To report the percentage of daily progress to your coordinator
13. Check that everything done on site corresponds to the client's requirements. For the realization of its reports of deliverables according to the specifications of each particular client.
14. Realization of photographic report, ODK, RED LINE, ATP and MDR in the different platforms of the client and according to the specifications of the same. Evaluation of the correct installation according to the current quality standards.
15. Send report of deliverables to coordinator. For site release and new site assignment
1. Control all the activities of implementation of the team in the field
2. Ensure that the deliverables are complete and sent for internal revision, ensure the acceptance of the work from the customer
3. Completion in time and form of each and every one of the assignments received during the year
Tower Climbing Certifications
First Aid/CPR

Job Requirements